PANIC (PAnoramic Near Infrared camera for Calar Alto)

Observatory: Calar Alto Observatory

Study of Near-infrared surveys of galactic and extragalactic fields; time-series observations; narrow-band wide-field observations, etc.

IAA development: 


- Optics design and optimization for 2.2m and 3.5m CAHA telescopes.

- Development of manufacturing drawings, ordering and tracking.

- Assembling, integration and verification of the instrument.


- Observation tool: It is used to create and manage Observation Blocks (OBs). These OBs are used to describe observing sequences for PANIC, both in Visitor Mode and in Service Mode. Then, it allows the preparation and supervised execution of the OBs.

- Quick-look tool for quick pre-reduction and visualization of the data during the observation at telescope.

- Data reduction pipeline (PAPI) for automatic science data production: generation of calibration products and further science product creation removing the instrument signature (non-linearity, dark, flat-field, field distortion), sky subtraction, astrometric and absolute photometric calibration.

- Differential-photometry pipeline for automated variable stars detection and analysis (LEMON).

Status: Scientific operation at CAHA Observatory
First light: Noviembre, 2014
URL project: