Huge experience have been gained during decades of intensive development for space and ground instrumentation.

We work in analogic and digital fields, digital signal processing (hardware and software), design & development of circuits, power electronic, PCBs,  among others.

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Our main work is focused on development and maintenance of mechanical components for OSN and CAHA Observatories and intruments. We translate those valuable experiencie to new development in mechanical structures, optomechanics, high precisition for positional systems, thermal analysis of mechanical components, metrology and consulting.

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Our desings and components have been tested and assembled in the most modern instruments.

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Project Management

The experience gained from previous projects developed by IAA (GIADA, OSIRIS, IMAX, HASI,..) and programs of collaboration with other agencies, our staff have adquired high qualification in space management program. We work with ECSS (European Coorperation for Space Standarization) standars in every management tasks.

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Our team is composed by engineers and scientists with years of experience in develop of pipeline processing astronomical data, data archives and control of instruments by software.

We follow various stardars (as ECSS).

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